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2005. 10.06

【セミナー終了】 「独占禁止法セミナー 2005」開催(東京、大阪)

One World, Different Standards :
Recent Developments in Japanese, U.S. and European Competition Law

Tokyo : October 4, 2005 Tokyo Kaikan 9F Rose Room
東京:2005年10月4日 東京會舘 9階 ローズルーム

Osaka : October 6, 2005 The Ritz-Carlton Osaka, 2F The Grand Ball Room
大阪:2005年10月6日 リッツカールトン大阪 2階 ザ・グランド・ボールルーム




第一部では、最初に伊藤 見富法律事務所の雨宮 慶弁護士が、改正独占禁止法を中心に日本の独禁法の最新動向についてお話しします。





当日は、講演後に質疑応答の時間を設け、セミナー終了後にはレセプションを予定しております。セミナーの参加費は無料で、日英の同時通訳をご用意いたします。ご参加ご希望の方は、e-mail( tkseminar@mofo.com )にて2005年9月30日(金)までにお申し込み下さい。

We are pleased to invite you to our seminar addressing recent developments in Japanese, U.S., and European Competition Law.

The Anti Monopoly Act (the "AMA"), or competition law, will be a key consideration for Japanese business next year, as it will significantly expand the antitrust investigation and enforcement authority of the Japan Fair Trade Commission. Those companies doing multinational business should also keep abreast, however, of the latest developments in antitrust law in other key jurisdictions to successfully achieve their business goals. Prominent antitrust lawyers of Morrison & Foerster LLP in each of Japan, US and EU will make presentations on the most recent developments in antitrust law in their respective jurisdictions and will also address how these jurisdictions may apply different standards in assessing the lawfulness of a company's unified global business strategy.


Kei Amemiya, Ito & Mitomi / Morrison & Foerster Tokyo Office will address the new Anti Monopoly Act, which will come into force next year. Mr. Amemiya will discuss what companies need to know about changes in the AMA and how those changes may affect their business. Mr. Amemiya, a leading antitrust attorney in Japan, will present a roadmap to help companies avoid pitfalls under the new AMA. He will also discuss JFTC's merger review enforcement trends since it published new merger review guidelines last year.

W. Stephen Smith, co-chair of the firm's Antitrust Practice Group will address recent developments in U.S. antitrust law.
Antitrust issues arising from mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures - including acquisitions of non-controlling interests - remain at the top of the U.S. antitrust agencies' enforcement agenda. The U.S. agencies continue to seek divestitures in most transactions that are subject to detailed investigations. Recently, however, the U.S. agencies have lost three major merger cases in court. Mr. Smith, who has represented parties in several multi-billion dollar transactions in the last few years, will discuss what these enforcement trends mean for Japanese companies involved in mergers, acquisitions or strategic alliances.
Kathyleen O'Brien, a leading antitrust litigator in Morrison & Foerster's Los Angeles Office will discuss Litigating in the Intersection of Antitrust and Intellectual Property Rights.

Rony Gerrits, a well-known competition law expert in Morrison & Foerster's Brussels Office, will address recent developments in EU competition law, with special emphasis on Article 82 EC Treaty and leniency applications under EC Competition Law.
EC competition law, originally enacted in the 1960s, has been completely reformulated during the past five years. A new set of rules has been adopted, which focus on the economic effects of an agreement, rather than singling out specific contractual provisions. The only piece of the puzzle that is missing is the modernization of Article 82 EC Treaty, which is expected to be modified in the coming months. Also following the federalization of EC competition law, the 25 Member States obtained the power to apply Article 81 EC Treaty. This raises a number of novel questions, particularly in the context of leniency applications. This presentation will focus on the differences between the EU and Member State leniency programs, and how this impacts on a company's decision whether or not to cooperate.


The panel will explore a hypothetical case based on actual cases in Japan, US and EU in which an influential company with market power tries to set up a new business structure that will impact its major competitors' ability to deal with customers. The panelists will have an active discussion of how each jurisdiction would treat this business structure under its antitrust laws and how the company can implement a unified global strategy.

To make a reservation to attend the seminar, please send us an e-mail by September 30 to tkseminar@mofo.com . If you believe that someone else in your company would like to attend the seminar, please pass this invitation along to that person. Space is limited, so please reserve your space early. We look forward to seeing you in the seminar.

< Program プログラム >

1:30 - 1:40
Welcome and Introduction

1:40 - 2:20
Trend of Anti Monopoly Act enforcement in 2006
2005 Amendments to the Anti-Monopoly Act - What Businesses Should Know

Recent Trends in JFTC's Merger Review

雨宮 慶 伊藤 見富法律事務所 / モリソン・フォースター 東京オフィス
Kei Amemiya, Ito & Mitomi / Morrison & Foerster Tokyo Office

2:20 - 3:00
Recent Developments in U.S. 

Agency Review of Merger, Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

W.スティーブン・スミス モリソン・フォースター ワシントンD.C.オフィス
W. Stephen Smith, Morrison & Foerster Washington D.C. Office

Litigating in the Intersection of Antitrust and Intellectual Property Rights

キャサリン・オブライエン モリソン・フォースター ロサンゼルスオフィス
Kathyleen O'Brien , Morrison & Foerster Los Angeles Office

3:00 - 3:40
Recent Developments in European Union 

●支配的地位の濫用(EC条約82条) - 吼えなかった番犬
Article 82 Abuse of Dominance - The Dog That Didn't Bark

●リーニエンシーの申請 - EUと各国の制度の狭間で
Leniency Applications - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

ロニー P. ゲリッツ モリソン・フォースター ブリュッセルオフィスRony P. Gerrits,Morrison & Foerster Brussels Office

3:40 - 4:00
***休憩  BREAK ***

4:00 - 5:00
ケーススタディ: 競争者を排除する行為は日米EUそれぞれの競争法上どのように扱われるか
Case Study: Multi-Jurisdictional Analysis of Exclusionary Practices

雨宮 慶 伊藤 見富法律事務所 / モリソン・フォースター 東京オフィス
Kei Amemiya:Ito & Mitomi / Morrison & Foerster Tokyo Office

ロニー P. ゲリッツ モリソン・フォースター ブリュッセルオフィス
Rony P. Gerrits, Morrison & Foerster Brussels Office

W.スティーブン・スミス モリソン・フォースター ワシントンD.C.オフィス
W. Stephen Smith: Morrison & Foerster Washington D.C. Office

キャサリン・オブライエン モリソン・フォースター ロサンゼルスオフィス
Kathyleen O'Brien , Morrison & Foerster Los Angeles Office


5:00 - 5:10
質疑応答   Question and Answer Session

5:10 - 6:00
レセプション Reception

Morrison & Foerster LLP (provider # 2183) certifies that this activity has been approved for MCLE credit by the State Bar of California in the amount of 3.0 hours


東京會舘 9階 ローズルーム
Tokyo Kaikan 9F Rose Room




リッツカールトン大阪 2階 ザ・グランド・ボールルーム
Ritz-Carlton Osaka 2F The Grand Ball Room




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